Emerging computer technologies: from information to perception
Nicola Liberati  1  , Shoji Nagataki  1  
1 : Chukyo University

The aim of the presentation is to introduce the elements we need in order to analyse the new emerging digital technologies focussing on their innovations. These technologies are willing to merge the digital world with our everyday experience by providing the perception of digital objects as they were part of our world, such as augmented reality or some applications for Oculus Rift. These digital objects are not merely “data” anymore because they are perceptual objects in our world and so we should leave the analysis related to the concept of the “information” in order to tackle the problem from a perceptual point of view. Starting from a post-phenomenological analysis we will show how the innovation of these technologies is strictly related to their “transparency” and thanks to the introduction of two different kind of transparencies we will be able to fully understand how they work and why the production of perceptual objects is so innovative. New computer technologies are making the “data” perceptual and so the word “information” has to be reframed in its importance at least.

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